Large Dart

Large Dart

The Large Dart is a great straight running lure.  This style lure will track straight in all sea conditions and can be run from any position.  This lure shines off the riggers or shotgun positions when chasing large tuna and marlin, but is also a star pulled in a hi speed trolling spread targeting wahoo.  Bigeye tuna go nuts for our dart lures trolled from the riggers.  No matter what your target species is, this lure has a place in your spread.   

  • 11.5"
  • 9oz
  • Trolling Speeds: 6-16kts
  • Premium Lure Skirts made in the USA
  • Replacement Skirt size: O4
100% Made in the USA

Rigging and lure bags are additional options*

Running Positions:
All Positions

All Tinted color heads are UV reflective!

Our UV Lures reflect the full UV light spectrum.  UV light is light that is not seen to humans without the aide of a UV light, but many species of fish see it naturally.  Some pioneers in the industry correlate UV colors in baitfish with healthy fish, and as a fish dies it gives off less UV.  After a season of testing we have seen great results with UV in our lures and feel it has a permanent place in every spread!