2oz HooHead

2oz HooHead


The 2oz HooHead is an excellent tracking lure due to its keel weighted design.  This lure is a great option when ran over a traditionally rigged pin rig ballyhoo and runs even better when rigged over a split bill ballyhoo.  This is a great choice for running off your riggers when chasing tuna, mahi or marlin of all sizes.  

Weight: 2oz

Keel Weighted

Crack Proof Resin

UV enhanced Resin

Mylar Flash

Large rear hole for rigging springs

HD chafe tube

Positions:  Any Position

Rigging options available with:

-3407SSD 2x Strong Hook

-chin weights are 1/2oz

* Only Glow White Head Glows.  To obtain a long lasting glow, charging under a bright light for 10-12 minutes is required