3oz HooHead

3oz HooHead


The 3oz HooHead is the perfect weight ballyhoo lure for running in all conditions from all positions.  This lure is perfect for running over a traditionally rigged chin weighted ballyhoo or over a split bill ballyhoo for superior bait presentation.  The 3oz HooHead is also the perfect choice for running with your favorite artificial tails.  Our tail stocks hold the artificials flat against them while allowing the hook eye to sit inside the lure head for an ideal bait presentation.  This lure is a favorite among the northeast tuna fleet but is also extremely productive when fished around the world for tuna, marlin and mahi.  

 TN-Tackle HooHead

Weight: 3oz

Keel Weighted

Crack Proof Resin

UV enhanced Resin

Mylar Flash

Large rear hole for rigging springs

HD chafe tube

Positions:  Any Position

Rigging options available with:

-3407SSD 2x Strong Hook

-chin weights are 1/2oz

* Only Glow White Head Glows.  To obtain a long lasting glow, charging under a bright light for 10-12 minutes is required