Intimidator 14” Flat Face Lure

Intimidator 14” Flat Face Lure


Intimidator XL

This 14” Flat Face Lure is the ultimate big marlin lure for your spread. It can be pulled in almost all conditions and offers a simple running action that both attracts fish and is easy for them to eat.  This 14” lure is a great option ran from the riggers.  Our Heads are UV Enhanced which drives billfish nuts!  If you are looking for big marlin, this is the one!!  

Overall Length: 14”

Skirted Weight: 8oz

Head Length: 2 5/8”

Head Diameter: 1 1/2"

Keel Weighted

Lure is 100% Made in the USA

Premium Quality Lure Skirts

Running Positions:

Long Rigger, Short Rigger