Tuna Machine Splash Chain

Tuna Machine Splash Chain

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TN-Tackle Tuna Machine Splash Chain

Tuna love machine lures!  TN Tackle Tuna Machines take it to the next level with our UV enhanced resin formula which will help produce those extra strikes making your time on the water more productive.  Tuna Machines paired with a splash bird rigged in a chain has become a staple for the northeast tuna fleets.  Productive from any position these are pulled from. 

-8' of 200lb Momoi Smoked Blue Leader

-(4) 12" TN-Tackle UV Tuna Machines. 1.7oz each

- 5" Bird

- 9/0 SS Southern Tuna Hook

- Comes in a High Quality Lure Bag

- Professionally Bench Crimped

- Nylon Chafe Gear