36" Tuna Machine Splash Bars

36" Tuna Machine Splash Bars

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Tuna Machine Splash Bar

With years of development we have put together a splash bar that utilizes the best possible components on the market.  We have tested numerous titanium spreader bar blanks and use the only one that fit our strict needs.  The high grade titanium blank that we use will spring back after years of use and not warp like cheaper grade titanium bars on the market.  The swiveling hub allows both ends of the swivel to spin eliminating line twist on your main line or in the spreader bar itself.  We use a quality hook that will not rust and will last.  Our birds are arranged in a way that your bars do not drag and dig in the water and will run naturally. The second to last tuna machine hides a BB snap swivel that allows you to detach the stinger to use it as a teaser in some tournaments, or to change out the stinger bait color to make it stand out.  Tuna love machine bars!  TN Tackle Tuna Machines take it to the next level with our UV enhanced resin formula which will help produce those extra strikes making your time on the water more productive.  . 

-36" 5 drop Titanium spreader bar with swiveling center hub

-(10) 12" UV Tuna Machine lures

- 9/0 SS Southern Tuna Hook

- Bench Crimped

-(3) 5" splash Birds

- Rigged on 200lb Momoi leader

- Rigged in a 1-2-4-2-1 pattern

- Comes in a Premium Quality Lure bag