Mega Darts

Mega Darts

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This item is out of stock

The Mega Dart is the king of all wahoo lures.  It's large profile and streamline design have BIG wahoo written all over it.  Our keeled head will provide a well balanced, straight running lure that can be pulled at any speed and from any position.  If you are fishing the bahamas or you are a tournament wahoo fishermen, then this lure is a must!   This lure also shines as a marlin lure or trimmed shorter and ran for bigeye tuna when big fish are present. 


  • 18"
  • 24oz
  • Trolling Speeds: 6-18kts
  • Rubber Hooklock Included
  • UV Enhanced Resin
  • Crack proof Resin Formula
  • Premium Lure Skirts made in the USA
  • Replacement Skirt size: O7
100% Made in the USA

Rigging and lure bags are additional options*

Running Positions:
All Positions