4.5oz HooHead

4.5oz HooHead


The 4.5oz HooHead is a perfect option for chasing larger tuna, mai or marlin.  The heavier weight makes this a perfect choice for use in rougher weather or for when the water heats up and fish are holding deeper in the water and may be less likely to strike at the surface.  This size is perfect for use over large and horse ballyhoo, in rough conditions with a traditionally rigged pin rig, or over your favorite artificial baits.  Artificial bait tails run perfectly off the lure with its flat tail stock for an artificial bait to butt up against while allowing the hook eye to sit inside the the back of the lure.  This type of rigging will allow for an ideal bait presentation and more bites.  

  • 4.5oz 
  • Available in 12 standard colors
  • Keel weighted (mark on tail stock shows the down position)
  • Large rear opening to allow for bait springs
  • Crack Proof Resin
  • Glow White Available*
  • HD Chafe Tube
  • Mylar Flash
Running Positions:
All Positions

Rigging options available with:

-3407SSD 2x Strong Hook

-chin weights are 1/2oz

Speeds up to 9kts. Not recommended for high speed trolling.

*Glow White Requires a 10-15 minute charge from a UV Light source, direct sunlight, or halogen lights to achieve a full glow.