Dredge Treat and Dredge Pin Package

Dredge Treat and Dredge Pin Package

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Dredge Treats

Our Dredge Treats utilize years of on the water testing to produce the most productive Dredge Lure on the market.  Our Dredge Treats are built with our crackproof resin.  Our tinted colors all have UV and will drive billfish nuts in the spread.  Our large offset center tube allows for easy rigging and also allows our lures to run straight when heavy rigged baits are behind them.  If you are chasing billfish or even trying to keep tuna at the boat and in your spread, these are a must have!

- .5oz Weight to keep drag to a minimum

- 1/4" Large center hole for easy rigging

- Offset center hole for proper tracking and running

- UV Resin

- Crack proof resin

- Mylar Flash

Dredge Pins Available in 1oz, 1.5oz, 2oz, 3oz

Standard Length(use with dredge Treats)


Short Length(use with naked baits)